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A Large Database

Not sure what is important to cite and not? Not to worry - With Essay Researcher you will be able to determine which of the many sources from a search engine you need to cite. And all this is done simply by using the ‘Start Auto Search’ option.

Sources From Authority Websites

When it comes to citing information, there are so many sources to choose from - whether it is a news site, journal, report or Wikipedia you need to be able to accurately site the data you use to support your work. This is an important feature and is especially useful for academic work and thesis writing.

No Need for Search Engines

One distinct advantage you get with the Essay Researcher software is the elimination of your reliance on search engines like Yahoo and Bing and even Google. Within seconds you will have all the information streamlined and at your fingertips. You also benefit from added information like the number of words in a paragraph, the title of a source, and much more. You can rely on a variety of information for your academic and non-academic interests. 

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Available Information for Citation

For easy citing, Essay Researcher provides source location so you will not be confused where the sentences come from. The reference will be useful for students writing research for their academic assignments such as thesis or analysis.

No Fancy Images

This tool makes life much easier when you are looking for exact information and do not want the distraction of images from website sources. You will gather textual information in rich text format when you opt for this tool and when you have been in front of a computer all day it is much easier to focus on what is needed without fancy images cluttering your screen.

Best Software for Online Research

If you are looking for textbooks to take out some theories, you don’t have to. With this essay software, you can access information with its source location making it much easier to improve the quality of your work without having to ever step into a library again!


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